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Being catholic.

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Universal, Broad-minded, Liberal, Tolerant. . .
And at this time, and in our minds, should we not want to be catholic?
I mean Doesn't it seem like a good goal to achieve Us all as one - And yet
Still ourselves - Autonomous? And, catholic?MLA Painting
I've known Christians in my life; I have known a few Catholics, too.
I have listened to their pleas and understand their need to believe in what they perceive to be a universal truth, and still they seem, to me, to be, unwilling to agree, that universal means all possibilities?
And then. . .
Could we agree, that the premeditated disallowing of the proclivity of truth, as it unfolds before our eyes, holding aside, the beliefs we can not see, for those in front of us….and able to touch them, see them, smell and hear- as aberrant and not the norm?
It just seems to me that wanting to be catholic is more than religious, but more so spiritual?
And just maybe, who knows?
Belief in ones self, as truth does unfold, and allowing ourselves to think general, maybe even liberal?
Could be something worth obtaining or could it be, being catholic means nothing more than anarchy?
What do you think?

Poem : Being catholic ©2005 lou phinneystoltz
Painting : Anyother Sunday ©2013 lou phinneystoltz
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