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Pilgrimage Within

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MLA Moment To HearAnd when the pilgrim came to pray, and his thoughts pushed him away, from the group, the sheep, the pack, and the people stood and gawked, eyes burning like a hawk, and the pilgrim came to pray for and to himself, and what he plays for -the kingdom of his soul, his own, and for his spirit to come home.
He did look hard upon himself, his mind, his soul, himself, and the pilgrimage that starts, inward, knowledge, that he'd gained, and to handle all the harshness that is dealt out everyday - fair or unfair - And the outsiders unending undertones, the run on that he met, as he looked upon his thoughts, said, you are wrong, oh, you are wrong, and to grasp the everyday - stand tall productivity refrained, and to believe and to stand firm as the pilgrimage affirms.
And as the pilgrim came to go, move on, and the people stood to gloat, see the fool, and the pilgrim gave a grin, as the people said he sinned, for the knowledge of himself, the people, pilgrim stood alone, and he did not seem to mind, though some company would be fine, a calm, quiet, peaceful state of mind, and the people tried so hard, and the pilgrim just moved on, and when your pilgrimage begins, stand firm, for your pilgrimage within.

Poem : Pilgrimage Within ©2005 lou phinneystoltz
Painting : Moment To Hear ©2012 lou phinneystoltz
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