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Too Terrorized
To Be So Contrived

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Terror comes from everywhere
A bomb in some fools underwear
Warrantless wiretaps
Train conductors taking napsMLA 01022812
I won't come in your mouth
The check is in the mail
A vote for me is a promise to you
My vote I will not sell
Islam - Catholic - Wondering Jew
Satellites falling from the sky
Penn State Pride
Christmas wars
Raging on conservative TV
While welfare children wait in line
A price for profit's greed
America the beautiful
As seen through rose colored
video screens
We built that tough with no-ones help Driven through on interstate roads
Blue amber waves of immigrants Washed upon desert shores
Donald Duck in Star Wars Playing Daffy Duck
Barefoot search at airports Trans-vaginal wand in a woman's cunt
Slicing through reality . . . Of what this is … … and what it is not
I go to school each day in class and wonder if I'll end up dead
Shot apart by a Boy Scout in his best dressed shorts
Replete with badges of honored ignorance tied up in knots
By some loose construction of a court to dictate hate and fear
I need to go inside and not come out Agoraphobic reasoning abounds
They'll get you if you speak out-loud Just stay inside and don't come out
Religious politicians preaching social cuts
So-called holy persons wielding political clout
With distinguished definitions of what this is and what this is not
Anguished health costs run amuck
Vanquished wall-street cover ups
Madonna(s) giving virgin birth
Fox News: Fair and Balanced
Add more guns to keep the peace
These are a few of the craziest things that make my soul shiver
While squeezing live sources from under the footing of life…
From some of the few with too much of the might...
Yet maybe we too can get a grip on the truth
Or maybe have our brains all blown out by too narrow a view of the life
that we live and believe
Made on nothing more real than a despondent belief that what is believed
can never be wrong . . .
MLA PaintingBecause that makes us not think...
And the thought I keep feeling... if but just my belief... ...
As my bones rattle inside... that thought... too terrifying to be so contrived...
As to what you believe… I had better too...
So much for the me left dead inside you.
And I cannot help think... as I scream in my mind...
That I am too terrorized for this to be so contrived:
And political schemes resound in my mind...
Written it seems . . . as if . . . a nightmare foreseen
In a Stephen King dream …
Leaves me. . . too terrorized . . for it to be . . . so contrived . . . .

Poem : Too Terrorized ©2013 lou phinneystoltz
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