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I Am The Prince

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In The Night The HeatIt happened on President’s Day nineteen eighty five. So far back it seems like just a dream the day we met. In Sleepless in Seattle, the guy says he knew the moment he took her hand. I got that all right, but it didn’t even take the first touch for me to know, and as I sit here and write, I can not seem to recall, the fist time we touched. Maybe we touched first when we shook hands. I do remember the first time we made love.

That day was April 26, 1986. It was Friday. It was hot. A water pipe broke in the parking lot, and Kyle was the assistant maintenance man of the complex we lived in. He and Dave spent the entire day in the Texas heat ripping up the pavement, fixing the bust and filling in the hole again.

They worked like dogs and both were dead tired. I had made a light dinner that night and Kyle and I ate as we usually did, in front of the TV. We had been living together for just over six months and had by then known each other just over a year. He was a smashing 20 year old stud, no matter how else I could describe him, and I was, even by then, a dirty old man at 25. I think maybe I was born a dirty old man.

He had moved from Wisconsin the year before to stay with his brother and go to school, and I ended up in Dallas more or less as a last resort. I knew friends that would let me hang with them, and because I was again down on my luck, I asked, they said yes, and I found myself working in another kitchen, in another hotel.
The second our eyes met, I knew.

Some Point In TimeThe first night he came over to hang out, back then, guys didn't go out on dates or even wear outfits, just cloths, and besides, he was straight, so it was nothing more than buddies hanging around, but somewhere I knew, from the second our eyes met, but we played backgammon and I read him poetry.

I was a poet, or I guess I should say, I am a poet; gotta remember the ol’ self esteem.

It was intriguing how naturally our friendship grew. We were fired from our jobs on the same day. I was off that day, and the chef called and told me the food and beverage director told him to call me and fire me, and as he was telling me this, there was a knock on our door, and Kyle was there just fired too.

We had a party.

As spring grew into summer, we saw more and more of each other.

Every time I looked into his eyes, I saw a world I knew was my home, but I had been in this situation before with straight guys and yet I knew he knew too. 

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