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Just Do It

I had always wanted to start my own business, but it seemed the more I tried the less active I became. I was always spinning my tires, as it were, making my plans and never acting on them. My analytical mind kept telling me to keep checking the angles. I couldn’t make a move because I kept realizing that one decision lead to another, which lead to another, which lead to another, which lead to yet another. It was driving me crazy!

I did make the decision to go to school and get my degree in interior design, and this decision was much more serendipitous than I could ever have realized.

I decided to go to Community College of Vermont because they allowed the student to create their own curriculum. This very much appealed to me being a nonconformist. I liked the fact that my Associates would be different than any other persons, and this turned out to be the truth, in fact, I am the only person to hold a degree in interior design from the state of Vermont, so in September 1992, I began my Associate of Arts degree in Interior Design.

The way in which the college measured your curriculum was in seven competency areas. They included, social science, communication and technology to name a few, and the only course that was required was a one credit seminar entitled Degree Planning Seminar, and it was in the seminar that one of the most significant discoveries of my life took place.

The seminar was very open, and its primary function was to teach the students how to go about designing their degree to meet the seven competency areas, but there was more to it than that. It was also meant to enlighten the students critical thinking skills, for surely this is an important skill to have when mapping out ones scholastic endeavors, so a strong focus was made on the sharing of ideas and feelings with the intent of better understanding motives and expectations, thus moving the students to think about their futures and how best to meet their expectations.

During the course of a lecture, the instructor said something to me that immediately changed the course of my life in profound ways and forever.

She said, ". . . and always remember a plan means it can change".

There was no more spinning my tires after that, and I carry that bit of wisdom with me every day.

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